Real Estate & Hospitality

Long before the group got into other areas of business the promoters were heavily invested in the real estate sector. The group’s real estate & hospitality division today operates under the following companies


  • Dharamputra Builders Private Limited
  • Top-Image Estates Private Limited
  • Swadeshi Builders


  • Yadu Resorts (India) Limited
  • Royal Regency, Ghaziabad

The group has successfully completed over 12 residential and commercial projects in the NCR Delhi and Himalayan region; blending modern architecture with quality construction and affordability. The group has large holdings of land across the country ranging from commercial, residential and farm lands and plans include development of housing projects, offices, malls and industrial units in the future. Our agricultural holdings across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Noida and Delhi produce multiple crops under controlled conditions.

Some of our existing hospitality projects include Royal Regency, Yadu Resorts and Queen Hotel, which cater primarily to the business traveller. Plans include construction and development of hospitality projects across major Indian cities.