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At Yadu Corporation, we seek continuous improvement of our performance to achieve optimal business results. Keeping up with financial health leads to high profitability and high efficiency ensures excellent results. Furthermore, we always strive to win competitive advantage through high safety and quality standards.

Employing the best of innovation and business practices to provide top-of-the-line products and services, in industrial categories like Power, Sugar, Mining, Beverages, Bio-Fertilizers, Education, Real Estate, and Liquor.

To position Yadu Corporation as the leader in various industrial sectors, with diligent workforce and world-class infrastructure shaping innovation that makes India stronger.


The new era has begun for Yadu Corporation.

We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our vision for the continuous development of one of the most competitive industrial companies, with a strong presence in several key sectors of the Indian Economy.

Today, Yadu Corporation represents a healthy and solid foundation for the growth of the Indian economy. Our long and eventful history, our strong presence in key sectors of the Indian industry, the methodical expertise of our people but, most of all, our dedication and hard work, give us the strength to carry on successfully and to keep enhancing our position against global competition.


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